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"Possibly the most beautiful stamping surface ever!" - Kevin Nakagawa, Stampscapes
Stampbord™ is an incredible art and craft surface, developed by Ampersand Art Supply, that allows clean, perfect rubber stamp impressions every time. The surface is correctable and erasable, great for jewelry, custom boxes, magnets, altered books, ornaments, embellishments, scrapbooking & more!

Stampbord’s ultra-smooth clay finish accepts all types of stamping inks including dye based, alcohol and pigmented. The absorbency of the clay surface lets you apply color without smearing, and no matter how saturated the surface becomes, the material will never buckle. With its stiff backing, Stampbord is perfect for combining stamping with layered collage and embellishments. Since the surface is made of clay, you can scratch back into your designs to create incredible details, highlights and textures. Stampbord is acid-free and archival, ensuring your treasured pieces will withstand the test of time. For a basic primer on Stampbord, click on BASICS to get started using this exciting new surface.

In addition to manufacturing Stampbord, Ampersand Art Supply also proudly manufactures a complete line of premium art panels and accessories for the fine artist and hobbyist. Our Gessobord™, Claybord™, and Pastelbord™ surfaces feature proprietary coatings that have opened new avenues of creativity for artists. All of Ampersand’s panels are prepared with a long-lasting wood substrate and primed with acid-free and archival grounds. Ampersand’s surfaces and products are used by artists and designers worldwide to create exciting and beautiful works of art. To learn more about Ampersand’s line of fine art surfaces, visit our company website