Featured How-to September / October 2010  
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Designer: Creative Billie
Perpetual Calendar

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Step 1: Start by making all of the month and day tiles. Make 19 tiles total (12 months/7 days).Using a piece of Cut ‘n Dry, dab into the Stonewashed Ink then dab off some excess. With a circular motion, swirl the ink onto the 1"x2" Domino tiles. Work from the inside out, blending the color. Let dry.

Step 2: Add an additional layer of Stonewashed ink to the outer edges of the Stampbord to create a border. Then add a layer of Denim ink to darken the border.

Step 3: Ink up the text (month or day) stamp using the VersaFine Onyx Black and stamp onto the center of the tile. Set this tile aside and continue to make the additional tiles in the batch. Let dry.

Step 4: Using the Scratch Knife, scratch in highlights around each letter.

Step 5: Using the Denim Dabber, paint the sides of the tiles. Angle the Dabber towards the back of the tile and swipe the paint towards the front to avoid getting paint on the front surface. Allow paint to dry. Apply a second coat of paint if needed.

Step 6: Sand away some of the ink from the edges of the surface on the Stampbord tiles. This creates an antiqued look and a white border on the front of the tile.

Step 7: Next, start the number tiles for the dates using the 1"x1" tiles. Make 12 tiles total (0-9, plus and extra 1 and 2). Make the number tiles following steps 1-6.

Step 8:
Now it is time to start the 6"x6" Stampbord BLOCK. Using a sponge to give an even coating, apply Denim paint to the wooden sides of the panel. Allow the sides to dry and apply another layer of paint if needed. Allow to dry.

Step 9: Apply the Stonewashed ink to the Stampbord surface of the BLOCK following the same technique as on the smaller tiles (9a). Add additional layers of Stonewashed ink and then Denim ink to the outer edges of the front surface to create depth (9b).

Step 10: Pour a small amount of the Denim Color Wash into a Mini Mister. It is easier to handle in the smaller bottle. Hold the Mini Mister a little ways from the BLOCK and spray onto the inked surface. Holding the mister higher will give a finer spray. Allow to dry.

Step 11: Stamp the Wren in the top left of the BLOCK using the ONYX Black ink. Let the ink dry completely. Using the Scratch Knife, scratch in the highlights and details of the stamp.

Step 12: Stamp the flourish in Stonewashed ink randomly over the Stampbord surface. Stamp more than once between inking to give more depth of tone to the background. Let dry.

Step 13: Next, ink the main text stamp using the VersaFine clear ink pad and stamp onto the BLOCK. Quickly cover the inked area with the gold embossing powder. Use a small, dry paintbrush to dust away any stray powder and then melt the embossing powder using the heat gun.

Step 14: Using the packing foam to give texture, apply Gold acrylic paint to the painted wooden sides of the BLOCK.

Step 15: With the Denim Dabber, apply paint to the outer edges of the Stampbord surface. Allow the paint to dry, then with the Gold Dabber, add a second layer around the outer edges of the Stampbord giving it texture and highlights.

Step 16: Next, decide where to attach the day, month and number tiles on the BLOCK calendar. Attach the tiles to the BLOCK using magnetic paper. To make sure that each tile will properly attach to the calendar, cut the rectangles from the magnetic paper all in the same orientation. Cut 1"x¾" magnetic paper for the month and day tiles and ¾"x½" pieces for the number tiles.

Step 17: Glue one piece of magnetic paper to the back of each tile, ensuring that the long edge is horizontal, even on the square tiles. (Alternative: adhesive magnets).

Step 18: The magnetic paper you glue on the BLOCK dictates the angle the tiles will attach. So, if angles are preferred, glue the magnetic paper at an angle.

Step 19: Allow the glue to dry before placing the tiles on the BLOCK calendar.

Step 20: The calendar can now be set up. Select the current month, day and number tiles and apply them to the calendar. You can hang the BLOCK on a wall or place it on an easel.

Change the number and day tiles each day and the month tile each month. Make a beautiful calendar with your favorite stamps to brighten up your creative space. You can use this calendar for years to come. Color coordinate your calendar to your room. These would make wonderful presents for friends and family alike!