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Idea Gallery

"The Old Mill" Kevin Nakagawa
Carved Mill 2.75" x 5" on Stampbord


Although abandoned long ago the waters turn the old mill's gears as if it was still before on an occasion of rainfall.
A simple black and white approach to this scene utilizes the surface of the Stampbord to give the scene a wood cut appearance.
For this "Simplescapes" approach, the lack of color is made for with added texture.


1. Old Mill Lg 063G was stamped in black.


2. Sedge Filler 251C was stamped in black to each side of 063G to fill in the surrounding area with texture.
Tree Cluster 266D was stamped in black to each side of 063G.


3. Black was added to the scene using a Colorbox Stylus tool. Much of the tone was added to frame off the scene but a little tone was added everywhere in anticipation of scratching back into the surface to reveal highlights. Stampbord has a clay surface that allows for a subtractive process.


4. Here the finished scene showcases the subtractive ability of the surface of the board. Highlights were cut into the trees, top of the mill, in the water. Little hatches were added into the grassy meadow. Dots were cut into the sky to represent either stars or snowfall. A nib that fits into the standard Speedball style of nib holder (the calligraphy type of pen) called a "scratch knife" was used to remove the ink in this scene. The scratch knife is basically a steel point.